Open Source

The majority of the software that we are using are open source. They are developed by passionate people. Since we are all benefiting from this fantastic contribution, Reactive Tech Limited believes in the importance of giving back to the communities by contributing to open source.

We open sourced "Kubegres", a Kubernetes PostgreSql operator and "Gigo", a static site generator.


Kubegres is a Kubernetes operator allowing to deploy a cluster of PostgreSql pods with data replication enabled out-of-the box. It brings simplicity when using PostgreSql considering how complex managing stateful-set's life-cycle and data replication could be with Kubernetes.


Gigo is a static website generator allowing developers to write websites in core HTML, JS and CSS. When using Gigo there is no need to learn a custom templating language. Just work with the standards core HTML, JS and CSS and write portable websites.


25 May 2021: A webinar about Kubegres was hosted by PostgresConf.
View the recorded video.

15 April 2021: Google talked about Kubegres in their Kubernetes Podcast #146

13 April 2021: Gigo, the open-source static website generator written in Go is available on GitHub.

10 April 2021: Kubegres, the open-source Kubernetes operator is available on GitHub.

10 December 2020: Funding is confirmed for the development of a new platform to allow individuals and companies to share their goods and properties and monetise with their assets. The development of this project is planned to start in April 2021.

11 November 2019: Delivered a critical feature allowing salespeople to handle RFQ requests from the cash Equity platform of a leading investment bank in London, United Kingdom.

03 December 2018: By collaborating with data-scientists, we delivered features allowing to automatically notify salespeople about products and news that their clients are interested in. Using this insight, salespeople can understand their clients needs and suggest them better targeted products and services. This was integrated in the Insight platform of a leading investment bank in London .

15 December 2017: Delivered a platform allowing salespeople to handle RFQ requests with up to 100 legs. This platform streams prices in real time for each leg and allows salespeople to hedge on Spot legs. It significantly reduced manual tasks and improved salespeople's productivity.

06 December 2016: Delivered a platform to place multi-deals requests with Spot, Forward and NDF legs with up to 70 legs for each deal. This allows reducing the risk of a leading investment bank located in London and provide better prices to clients using the multi-deals platform.

09 June 2016: Developed a greenfield service providing websocket and Rest APIs allowing other services in a leading investment bank to stream FX prices and place deals. The FX products exposed in the API were Spot, Forward, Swap, NDF, Ladders, Multi-deals and Time-options.

16 July 2014: Delivered a Charting application for a leading Spread betting platform located in London. The charting app runs in their HTML 5 platform and offer real time prices updates and technical analysis tools such as Moving average, standard deviation, MACD, etc...